Dynamic Pricing

The Dynamic Pricing module is your key to revolutionizing the process of pricing residential real estate projects. With a real-time data hub powered by AI, we suggest optimal prices for each unit, taking into account up to 120 different features to maximize your profits.
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Optimize Your Pricing

☑️ Aggregate pricing-relevant data in one place

☑️ Suggest optimal prices through AI-powered algorithms

☑️ Maximize profits while reducing complexity

Real-Time Pricing Hub

Step away from time-consuming manual data processing. Our hub integrates data from your CRM, Google Analytics, and market data. With real-time updates and AI-driven insights, managing complex pricing data has never been easier.

AI-Powered Algorithms

Our AI algorithms ensure you consider all relevant features when pricing units. We analyze each unit holistically, so you don’t miss out on any potential profit points.

Empower your teams.

Increase profit.

☑️ Data-driven Pricing

Don’t spend hours crunching numbers in a spreadsheet. With BuiltMind, your sales team can focus on their core job – meeting people and closing deals. Our dynamic pricing suggests optimal prices and helps your team communicate the unique benefits of each unit.

☑️ Revenue Forecasting

Eliminate guesswork in financial planning. Our module offers your finance team clear insights into potential revenue from each unit. With a data-driven approach, ensure accurate revenue forecasting, strategic resource allocation, and optimal financial health for your projects.

☑️ Performance Review

Equip your management team with BuiltMind for efficient performance monitoring. Our module simplifies pricing adjustments in real-time, offering a seamless approach to maximizing profit. Stay ahead with informed decisions, and steer your projects to success.

Project Design Insights

Drive your project planning phase with data-driven decisions. Our tool helps you compare multiple project design alternatives and optimize performance, ensuring the best possible financial outcome right from the start.

Profit Increase

Embrace the new era of dynamic pricing. Projects that utilize BuiltMind see a profit increase of 5-8%, ensuring you are always achieving the best possible financial outcome in any market environment.

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