About Us

We started BuiltMind with the mission to drive the shift to data-driven decision-making in real estate. We’ve worked in the industry for several years and we noticed the same patterns again and again – the data wasn’t easily available and the decision-makers were hence forced to use intuition. In the largest asset class in the world, every mistake is very costly. We believe real estate professionals deserve to have a better tool at their disposal and we decided to create it.

In 2022 we finished 2nd in the startup competition at MIPIM, the largest real estate conference in the world.

We explain our product

We believe that AI needs to be interpreted well for you to implement it. We thrive on providing the logic of our solution in a detailed manner, so you understand our product and are able to use it according to your need.

We focus on data-driven solutions

We didn’t decide to build a universal solution for all your real estate problems. We understand the complexity of real estate too well to determine that as our goal. Instead, we’ve created top data-driven tools to optimize your pricing and analyze the market.

We listen and improve

In complex problems such as pricing real estate, every small improvement can lead to a substantial increase in the company’s financial metrics. We listen to your feedback and we try to constantly improve our solution based on it.

    We protect your data

    Your data is your property. We don’t use your data in any other any way than you agree to. We use complex encryption methods during the collaboration process to be certain it’s safely stored at our servers and used to benefit you.


      Our first prototype was born at Harvard University and we’re an American company. Yet we understand the global aspect of the problem and we’re currently operating in the US and Europe. Our team consists of domain experts in both real estate and data science. We believe that the only way to create the real solution to this problem is by interdisciplinary collaboration.

      Martin Decky


      Peter Kanos


      Michal Koch

      Head of Product