Dynamic pricing for residential real estate

Pricing your residential units in Excel is the old way. By leveraging BuiltMind’s AI dynamic pricing model, you gain an upper hand over your competitors.

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Maximize the profit

Our Artificial Intelligence model monitors over 100 parameters such as the complex location variables, the quality of the layouts, or the competitors’ supply and examines the effects of combinations of these – such as what is the effect of a specific amenity in a specific location to dynamically price your residential units.

Leverage quality data

Real estate is a complex world and hence you’re required to work with multiple data sources – data from your company as well as from the market. By providing you with and aggregating these different data sources, you’re able to make informed data-driven decisions getting rid of the previous intuition-based approach.

React in real-time

In the ever-changing real estate market, the situation can change from day to day. To change the price list you previously needed to go through a lengthy spreadsheet analysis. Now you can react to your construction updates, the news from the competing projects, or the changes in the macroeconomic indicators in real-time in our web app.

Eliminate errors

Every manually created price list is naturally prone to errors. In the real estate industry, every mistake can lead to large consequences. BuiltMind’s AI model automatically learns from the past to continuously improve performance.

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