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Unlock the power of data. Analyze the market, optimize your pricing, and make data-driven decisions with BuiltMind’s Market Data and Dynamic Pricing tools.

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Market Data

Residential Developers




Never miss a beat with BuiltMind’s Market Data. Real-time market trends, competition monitoring, and high-quality data, all in your hands. Make informed decisions that shape your success.

Dynamic Pricing

Residential Developers



Profit optimization made easy with BuiltMind’s Dynamic Pricing tool. Let data drive your pricing decisions reflecting real-time market conditions, intricate features, and evolving demand patterns.

Leverage Real-Time Data

Stay ahead of the curve with BuiltMind’s real-time market data. Get a comprehensive understanding of the current market landscape and trends. Our solutions deliver timely and accurate data, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and confidently as market dynamics unfold.

Increase Profit

Unlock your profit potential with our AI-powered solutions. BuiltMind helps you set optimal pricing strategies based on complex algorithms and large datasets. Our tools not only ensure you’re competitively priced but also provide insights into how to maximize return on investment.

Make Smart Acquisitions

Reduce risk and enhance your property portfolio with BuiltMind. Our sophisticated technology offers real-time data and dynamic pricing, enabling smarter, data-backed acquisition decisions. We provide the insights you need to identify profitable opportunities and mitigate risks.

Optimize Your Projects

Improve your project planning and execution with BuiltMind. From design to completion, our solutions empower you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively. Utilize our dynamic pricing and real-time data to optimize your project’s performance and ensure you meet your project goals.

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BuiltMind’s solution provides value to almost the entire company. The development, acquisition, sales teams and management all leverage data from BuiltMind to make informed decisions.


Michal Zajicek
Project Specialist, YIT


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