How Immocap Uses BuiltMind

Společnost Immocap
Odvětví Real Estate Development
Stát Slovakia


Immocap is a Slovak developer of living, working, and business spaces. For more than 27 years, it has boldly uncovered the potential of neglected locations, transforming them into vital zones that sensibly expand Bratislava’s vibrant city center. Immocap promotes a better quality of life through environmentally friendly solutions, greenery, and unique art in urban areas.



🛠️ Challenges

Before collaborating with BuiltMind, their major hurdles involved enabling software to aid developers in pricing and facilitating prompt and accurate decisions. More specifically, the challenges were establishing an efficient pricing mechanism and effectively managing the unit mix, since obtaining static reports was not a straightforward process. Unfortunately, the pricing procedure was time-consuming, lacked autonomy, and failed to offer a responsive price adjustment mechanism.


BuiltMind provides up-to-date information on current market offerings and identifies any existing gaps. Our platform enables prompt access to this information without waiting for a static evaluation. One of the significant benefits of BuiltMind is that it offers a holistic perspective on the market situation, allowing one to determine which units are available, what is in high demand, and what is lacking. This enables a more effective preparation of pricing strategies as BuiltMind can suggest which units sell more successfully.

I didn`t know what to expect, the speed of light of the resulting design was spectacular.

Robert Chvostek
Head of Sales, Immocap

📈 Outcome

With BuiltMind, Immocap has access to information that is hard to trace, and they get in-depth information very quickly. There is no need to study other factors, everything is evident in one place. Immocap sees a significant difference in its user experience. Previously they needed to read long industry reports. The creativity of the user experience is on a different level compared to ugly unstructured data.

BuiltMind helps save time, and I think that is the most important and helpful thing nowadays.

Robert Chvostek
Head of Sales, Immocap

💼 Strategy

BuiltMind has influenced positions – from top management to sales in Immocap. Thanks to BuiltMind, their sales department has all the competitive intelligence and know-how to prepare for a meeting with a client. They know how to react quickly to the current situation regarding competing projects.
BuiltMind has also influenced other processes, such as planning for sales and optimizing the unit mixes and unit sizes.

Immocap recommends BuiltMind to anyone seeking to move forward in residential real estate, as they know that their competitors are grappling with comparable challenges that Immocap previously encountered before adopting BuiltMind’s product.



At some point, the development industry becomes a level playing field, where we all share a common objective – creating vibrant and prosperous urban areas.

Robert Chvostek
Residential Manager, Immocap